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Amaya Desh Company (Pvt) Ltd
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 Welcome to the Amaya Desh Company (Pvt) Ltd
Who We Are
Amaya Desh Company (Pvt)Ltd was registered as a Private Company in 2011. We are currently serving over 20 company’s across Sri Lanka and internationally , choosing the young and talented people from the very remote Ares in Sri Lanka and training them in to highly qualified workers. Amaya Desh Company sister company of Anura Desh Man Power (Pvt) Ltd witch was establish in 2002.
Our Vision
To lead in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work
Our mission
To Provide excellent man power and services by maintain professionalism, efficiency, and integrity operating profitably as a society committed and responsible corporate citizen.
අමයා දේශ් ආයතන අඩ්පති අනුර දේශප්රිය මහතා දේශබන්දු , දේශමාන්ය, ලන්කාතිලක ගෞරව සම්මාන උපාධියෙන් පිදුම් ලබන ලදී.
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Our Srvice's
 Amaya Desh Group services
Amaya Desh Man Power Agent
Amaya Desh Tours
Amaya Desh Constructions & Interior solutions
Siyoguard Security Services International 
Amaya Desh Foundation